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Moods are your vibe, what you seek, what you are looking for. You get connected with others in that same vibe, at that same moment. Whether you're interested in finding someone to laugh with, relax with, or explore more with. This allows you to find compatible people and connect with others in an intentional & meaningful way.

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Offers & Counters

Each mood provides users with custom tailored offers (methods) to approach others within their current mood. Mutual offer acceptance makes connecting more consensual and leaves no ambiguity between each other.

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Icebreaker Games

Fun icebreaker games allow users to get to know each other. Through these engaging activities, users learn more about each other while "breaking the ice," warming up to that initial chat.

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what's your mood?

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We're tossing out the old rulebook of online dating and social networking! Here, it's all about your ever-changing moods and desires leading the way.

Think of us as a mood ring for your social life! With a myriad of MOOD choices, you get to connect with folks who are on the same emotional wavelength as you. Fancy a lively debate or need a buddy for your next hiking adventure? Perhaps you're in the mood for a whirlwind romance or seeking a steady companion? MOOD’s got you covered!

With our innovative, customizable offers and counter-offers, say goodbye to yawn-inducing chats. It's time to spice up your interactions and keep the conversation fresh and exciting.

So, ditch those monotonous swipes, select your mood - find someone - send an offer - & connect. It's that simple, and enjoy an adaptive fun experience along the way!

Whether you are looking for someone to date, a friend, or a long-term partner, our app can help you find the perfect match.

How to MOOD

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